Web Design

Bespoke-built websites that are tailored to your branding, vision and required functionality.

All sites are built using a WordPress page builder. These allow full flexibility in the design of your site, as well as being cheaper and quicker to deploy than employing a developer to write custom code.

The added benefit is they are user-friendly which means you are able to update the site yourself (if you are so inclined) or easily and cheaply employ a web designer to make changes to the layout, rather than hiring an expensive web developer.

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Website Features


Constructed with WordPress - the most widely used CMS on the internet

Domain Names

New domains can be registered for your project or existing domains can simply be re-pointed to my server


Each website is built to be viewable on all devices - Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

SEO Friendly

All sites are built with SEO in mind to achieve the best ranking possible


Providing limitless functionality for your site


Designed and constructed to achieve the best possible page loading times

Site Types

How I work...

The framework for each project will be as follows:
An introductory call to discuss initial requirements and to agree a baseline scope
Quotation and order form generated for agreed works
Build commences and initial layout and design concept presented
Continued updates and communication to ensure the project meets all requirements
Final review and client acceptance

Communication is absolutely key in this process. I will require your time to discuss ideas and review progress to ensure I’m delivering exactly what you want.

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Featured Work


Two hosting packages to suit your price and time budgets…

Silver Package

£10 per month

Your site is accessible over the internet but you, the client, must perform all updates to WordPress, Themes and Plugins

Website is published to the internet

Gold Package

£25 per month

Website Hosting + WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates + 1 hour of my time each month for content updates (does not accrue)

Website is published to the internet


All WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates

1-hour professional services

1 hour of my time every month for any changes you may require (does not accrue)

Hosting Features


Imunify 360
Server Firewall
Free SSL Certificates

Stability & Availability

Uptime guarantee 99.8%


2Gb RAM per cPanel
Unlimited bandwidth


Unlimited email accounts

UK Based Servers

Servers located where your clients are

cPanel Access

Take control with your own cPanel access


Twice-daily back-ups of your site


24/7 365 support package with my hosting provider

IT Support

I provide remote, high-level support for MAC or PCs users for troubleshooting, setting up a new application or for user training if you need help with the basics.

Sessions can be over the phone, Zoom or, if I need access to your device, via Teamviewer which allows me to take control.

Any IT support is charged at my hourly rate of £25 per hour.

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Each project I undertake will be slightly different so it’s not possible to give an exact price that covers every variation. A quotation will be provided once we have agreed our baseline scope. As a general rule, there will be a one-off fee for the initial build and a monthly fee for hosting your site on my server and any content updates you may require. This will vary per site but the rough guide below can be used to calculate the approximate costs for your build.

One-Off Fees

Hourly Rate £25
Portfolio / Small Business Site £350-£500
E-Commerce Site £500-£1000

Monthly Fees

Silver Hosting £10 pcm
Website Hosting Only
Gold Hosting £25 pcm
Website hosting + WordPress, Theme and Plugin Updates + 1 hour of my time per month (does not accrue)


How long does it take to build a site?

This will depend upon the type of site you want to build, the number of pages, and the functionality. A portfolio site with 3-4 pages, for example, should take 1-2 weeks. An e-commerce site with one hundred products could take 3-4 weeks.

Do you provide content or copy?

No, but I can refer you to a professional copy writer who can do this for you

Can you provide imagery?

Yes, I can provide suitable images from stock photo sites. Alternatively, if you have images of your own, I can use these but they must be of a suitable quality and resolution to be web-friendly.

Why do you cost more than the likes of Wix or Squarespace?

I use WordPress which allows for a fully bespoke and tailored site rather than an off-the-shelf offering such as Wix or Squarespace. It also provides almost limitless functionality - something that allows for solutions to be deployed that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Essentially, you're paying for the flexibility and functionality and my expertise to fulfil your requirements.

Do I enter into a contract if I host my site with you?

Yes, I will provide an Order Form, Terms & Conditions document and Hosting Agreement which serve as our contract.

How long are your contracts?

There is room for negotiation but typically they work on a month-by-month basis.

Can I migrate my existing site to your hosting?

Yes. I can take a full copy of your existing site and load it onto my server. I'd then point your domain name to my environment.

What sort of page load speeds will I see with your hosting?

This depends on whether I've built the site from scratch or we've migrated an existing site to my hosting that has been built elsewhere. If I build from scratch you should see a load time of between 1-2 seconds. Sites from elsewhere will vary depending upon the content, size and tools used to construct it.